Keep it local this Christmas – 20 November 2020

It’s been a very difficult year for many of us – and this is no different for small, local businesses like ours, and so many others, who will have been impacted by the pandemic.


But, in the spirit of staying positive – we need to keep smiling – we are celebrating why shopping local is a great thing to do, even if it’s not with us at Fine Lines HQ!


1. It supports the creative arts

For little businesses like ours, it’s so important people shop small, to keep on supporting art and creativity locally. We need colour and art in our lives - it picks us up, it brings vibrancy and individuality. And we need to make sure we keep backing our local creative industries so that we can continue to support future artists and creators.

2. Unique and handmade is best

Sure, you could go online to Amazon (other ginormous outlets are available!) but by shopping local you can guarantee that you will buy products that are handmade, unique and, most importantly, made with love. We don’t have any fancy machines or conveyor belts in our little workshop – just a few tools and two pairs of hands for crafting our gifts!

3. It supports local jobs

Shopping with local business keeps more local people in jobs. More people spending money locally, helps to retain money locally. It’s as simple as that!


4. It keeps people’s dreams alive

Without the local support we’ve had over the last 20+ years, Myra wouldn’t have been able to realise her dream of being a full-time artist, and Jane wouldn’t have been able to refine her creative, yet meticulous, streak – these button canvasses don’t sew themselves! So when you’re thinking of what to buy this Christmas, why not consider what local business are offering? Shopping local keeps people’s dreams alive – and keeps people like us hoping for better things around the corner, where we can get through the difficulties of the year and keep our business going. We think now more than ever, given the difficult year so many of us have been through, it’s good to have some ‘hope, sweet hope’.


Have a look at our products now from our homepage

Need some new-born gift inspiration? - 26 August 2020

Last week, we had a lovely chat with a lady at Kirkby Lonsdale, whose sister had just given birth to a baby girl!

She initially came to us to see if we had any congratulations cards (which we do!) but she was really taken with our button pictures and sea glass art. Which got us thinking about how, for anyone looking for inspiration for baby gifts, or decorating nurseries, some of our products might be just the ticket.

Our sea glass pictures are always a crowd-pleaser and the “new arrival” design is ideal for a baby gift. We hand-pick the sea glass ourselves from Morecambe Bay, so it makes us feel very humbled when people buy the sea glass pictures for such special occasions.

Another favourite are our love heart button pictures, which Jane hand-stiches to canvas. We find that these are perfect gifts for new parents as well as for nursery decorations. But her talents don’t end there! We also have elephant, owl and giraffe button pictures which can also add a splash of colour to a baby nursery. We can do this in blue, pink or multi-coloured – whatever your preference is.

And finally, our newest product which we’re really pleased with is our letter button pictures. These are hand-crafted, with each tiny button being carefully glued onto pristine white card, and encased in a contemporary white mount frame. We can do any letter, in a load of different colours to suit your taste, including pink, lemon yellow, blue, lilac, green and we can even do a mix of colours for you if, like Myra, you’re sometimes a little indecisive!

So please, feel free to have a browse of our products and if you have any questions at all, give us a shout. Check out our:


Thanks as always for your support.

Myra and Jane xx

It's all change - 5 August 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic has meant that the world has had to change and adapt. It has affected us greatly, as we're sure will be the case for many other local and independent businesses. Sadly, after consulting with Marketgate Shopping Centre management, it looks very unlikely that we will be able to trade in the Centre this year- something we have done for the past twenty-one years.

In the spirit of adapting and changing in the face of the pandemic, we, a pair of "technophobes", have decided to take to blogging to let you know that even though we won't physically be selling in the run up Christmas this year, you will be able to buy all of the Fine Lines products you want online from our little digital shop!

So please, have a nosey around at our sea glass pictures, our calendars and other familiar products- and if there is a product you have in mind that you can't find online, just send us a message at and we'll sort it out for you.

Thank you to our local Lancaster, Morecambe and Cumbrian customers (and beyond!) for your ongoing support, we really do appreciate it.

Take care and stay safe.

Myra and Jane xx